Griffin and Bell Education

7+ and 8+ Mock Exam Sessions


Friday 30th August 10am – 12.30pm
Friday 25th October (half-term) 10am – 12.30pm

Cost for each session: £160

Emmanuel Church, Lyncroft Gardens, Hampstead NW6 1JU

The aim of these mock-exam sessions is twofold. First, they will give 7+ and 8+ candidates – who are unfamiliar with the exam process, and can often find it worrying – the opportunity for a 'dry-run' in a formal but supportive environment. Pupils will get a taste of exam conditions and timing, which will help them feel more relaxed and ready when they sit the real tests during the autumn and winter. Secondly, the detailed feedback provided after these mock tests can help parents with important decisions about applications, tuitions and strategy.

The mock exam sessions will include English (comprehension and composition) and Maths. These papers will be specially prepared for each age level, invigilated and marked by Ilana, a qualified primary teacher and experienced 7+ and 8+ tutor, who has prepared students for a wide range of top independent schools in London. She also acts as a consultant and assessor for 7+ and 8+ clients and is highly knowledgeable about the process and criteria for these exams. After the exams, her report for parents will include: their son or daughter’s grades (along with the group grade-range and average); feedback on each of the exam components; and feedback on the pupil's conduct and approach on the day, which is also an important factor at this age. Marked scripts will be returned by post.

The cost of each exam session, including feedback, is £160. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your queries, or to make a booking. Students will be presented with different papers at each mock exam session, so attending both courses is an option for students if required.